Cashback Cow

Make £100s from casinos, bingo and sports cashback offers


I don't understand how cashback works, can you explain?

Cashback offers are adverts with incentives. The companies pay Quidco or Topcashback (cashback sites). These sites take a cut of the payment and give you some. Attracting new customers is good business.

Why would anyone give me free money?

Someone will overspend or become regular customers (addicts). Also there is the chance to mess up the cashback offer and then you've given them money (but read the guide and you'll lower your chances of this drastically).

I don't believe you, surely I can't make money from gambling?

Yes, you can. People who should be going to Gamblers Anonymous give them plently of funding. Most slots have a return to player (RTP) - say 95% - so for every £100 spent the casino makes roughly £5. Bingo is never a losing game for a site, players' ticket purchases determine the prize pool. Also you aren't making money from gambling you are making money from the cashback.

How much will I win?

You are likely to win NOTHING. However, you may occasionally get lucky and win some. This doesn't matter though as the core concern is the cashback which you should make money on.

How much have you made?

In total including winnings (gambling is tax free in the UK) and cashback over £500. I've done a lot of sites, even ones with breakeven cashback (desperate much?).

How long does it take to recieve cashback?

This varies between 1-3 months usually. The cashback page will often mention how long it will take. You can be paid out via bank transfer, PayPal, Amazon vouchers and sometimes a selection of other methods.


  • Be in the UK
  • Have a UK address
  • UK card/ UK paypal registered to said address
  • Always provide valid information
  • Don't share cashback accounts
  • Never create multiple accounts on any site
  • Cashback will NOT be awarded if you have already signed up to a site before
  • Disable all adblockers
  • Clear all cookies and temp internet files before starting
  • Use Google Chrome only, NOT safari or firefox etc.
  • Carefully check the wager and deposit required per site
  • Remember you are likely to win nothing but your cashback should cancel out any losses and then some
  • Deposit as least as possible to meet the bonus and cashback amount
  • Wager as little as possible to activate the cashback. Once you meet the wager requirements, withdraw your winnings (if any). Never carry on wagering more than you need to.
  • Only play what the cashback deems to be valid. e.g. on a casino offer ONLY play casino. On a sports offer ONLY play sports. On a bingo offer ONLY play bingo. Failing to do this will earn you 0 cashback and you'll lose money.

Getting started

You will need a Quidco and a Topcashback account. These are the sites that have all the cashback offers. Use the buttons below to sign up to the sites.

Sign up to quidco Sign up to Topcashback

Doing your first cashback deal

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Bonuses and wager requirements

  • A large amount of sites will award you bonuses, a lot of these bonuses have wager requirements attached.
  • Some bonuses can only be used once per address, ip address or household. Be careful using multiple family accounts at the same address as you could void your winnings.
  • For example, if you have a £10 bonus with 50x requirements, you will need to stake a total of £500 for any of your bonus winnings to be transferred to your Main Cash Balance.
  • Be selective about which bonuses you accept. It is generally fine to accept most bingo bonuses.
  • A 'bingo bonus' can only be spent on bingo, in the same way an 'all game bonus' can only be spent on games (slots, scratch cards & reels).

Recommended Games

Bingo Games
  • DOND 90 Ball
  • Any other bingo that has a high house prize £80+
Casino and reel games - I've listed a few as games available vary per site
  • Hot Gems
  • Sevens High
  • Dynamite Digger
  • Clover Rollover